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The market advantage of minicomputer host

[Date] 2016-3-15 16:46:52   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    With the development of science and technology, the personal computer is getting smaller and smaller. After decades of evolution, the trend of the form is present persification. Now, it’s including desktops, laptops, tablets, and many other categories. And it’s already integrated into our lives. In the era of the mobile Internet, although the traditional desktop becomes slightly declining, it is still play an important role among different industries and families.  Nowadays, the technology of component is has been more and more precision and integration, the desktop computer’s host can also do smaller and smaller, then mini PC appeared and developed. And it is more convenient for users with the design of the delicate and cabinet, extremely low power consumption.


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    Development of science and technology is really changing fast, especially the development of computer products. Now, minicomputer host is already the trend of the development of the desktop computer, Mini computer mainly has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient to carry, etc. Mini computers in the home not only don’t take up the space, also can be used as a fashion decoration, the most important thing is that the price is cheap. For the direction of future’s development, mini PC instead of traditional desktop is inevitable, but also the trend of the development of the science and technology, is a necessary result of the development of traditional desktop PC.  So what's the advantage of mini host in the PC market?


(1)Environmental protection and energy saving

    Due to our office need to switch on for a long time, so it has a very urgent requirement for low power consumption. Ultra-low power consumption is an important advantage of the mini computer, the power of most mini computer’s mainframe are controlled no more than 60W, many new platform’s power consumption has been controlled less than 30W, and even lower than the power consumption of notebook computers. So even the long-term operation can achieve the effect of energy saving, it’s also used as the office computer is the best choice undoubtedly.

(2) Portability

    Compared with the ordinary desktop, the mini PC is more lighter .At present, the size of the NUC mini host on the market is only 1/30 of the desktop’s standard.  It’s very convenient, and it’s also has the advantages of comparable portable and mobile, so the size of a computer at home, can greatly save space naturally.

(3) Stylish appearance

    Mini-host mainframe computer has changed the traditional image of thick heavy black tin trunk, more stylish and vivid, not only take up the space is very small, but also can be a fashionable household decoration, for the modern people who pay attention to the lifestyle ,it is also a very good items to reflect it .

(4) Heat dispersion

    We always want the noise of computers as low as possible, and on the mini computer, silence become inherent advantages.

Mini computers are generally used heat sink thermal only,matching power most with low speed fan, low noise . Such as production of Realan mini computer with all-aluminum, it also with excellent heat dissipation.

(5) Practicability

    The average user demand for office computer can connect to the Internet, do some simple words or form processing, the performance of this mini computer is to be able to do.  For there is a high demand of users, can according to need to complete the configuration of I3, I5 processor, general online games such as CF and LOL can be competent.


mini-computer,computer-host,mini pc, Barebone,realan


     Mini PC host is the best match of smart home, with a very beautiful stylish design,it is extremely competitive in the PC market . In the foreseeable future, small host will lead the development trend of desktop computers; become the mainstream of mini mainframes.