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The happy moment of Realan’s “Afternoon Tea”

[Date] 2016-3-16 10:59:01   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    In order to  reflect the Realan’s humanized management and enhance team cohesion ,colleagues to understand each other, realan adds the activity of “Afternoon Tea” to improve staff’s sense of identity and belonging to the company ,make the staff really feel the warm of the big family, then keep  better work status, growth and development together with the company.


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    So as to make the colleagues can keep a good mood in “afternoon tea”,  Realan has set up several important links  photo wall 、awards and held the birthday party for staff , colleagues can have more communication and concern with others .At the same time, it does also can promote the intimacy between company and staff.


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    First, On the basis of the company staff has agreed and through the efforts of the administrative department of the staff for a few days, several of the most prominent glass walls in the company with beautiful and colorful pictures! When people taste the tea, Not only can eat the delicious food, still can enjoy the colorful pictures together.


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    Next, there also has published "monthly star" and "performance best” In the company's board with their photos every month. Then the boss released the honored colleagues in the afternoon tea and reward some beautiful gifts, published their acceptance speech, and can be photographed with the boss.


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    Finally, the company will also hold the birthday party for the staff every month at the afternoon tea. What Is worth celebrating is that the employees’  birthday , not only received  the blessings of all company employees, and the manger hou which came to the company's in November . There are some gifts selected by boss himself for staff, the gifts represents the most sincere blessings to all of people. Everyone smiled very happy and made a wish.


    With the Afternoon tea activities provided by the company, first of all to thanks the care from the boss to the company's employees, the second is the preparation from the administrative staff, thank you very much! Not only gave the opportunity to show them, also enriched the spare life. At the same time, it’s promoting the communication between employees and leadership, let employees feel warmth like home. Hope that we can put the understanding to work, solidarity and cooperation, hand in hand to create a better future!