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Realan will participate in computex Taipei 2016 with confidence and innovation

[Date] 2016-4-15 16:43:50   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    After more than 10 years of development , guide and promote the development of the Mini PC industry, so far Realan has formed  product of scale of mini  Pc enterprises in China .As a frequenter of computex Taipei , Realan will be  show the remarkable achievements perfect about recent years in  computex Taipei 2016, not only the number of new products will reach a new scale ,but the products of the product line will be on display in this exhibition with a new look ,such as mini host , barebone ,case and power supply of  MINI ITX, MINI  ITX motherboard etc. Since the mini host has been launched in 2014  , the series of Mr.NUC  has become risen .it has the advantages of stylish appearance and portability ,wonderful mute effect, low consumption and high efficient heat dissipation etc..


        Namely: a series of Mr.NUC V6 , a series of Mr.NUC V3 , a series of Mr.NUC V7. The series will be present and won’t let you down in this exhibition.


 computex Taipei , mini host , barebone ,case and power supply of  MINI ITX, MINI  ITX motherboard



Booth of Realan : NO614


Add: Taipei World Trade Center,  Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F


Welcome you to communicate and negotiate with Realan, and wish to be perfect and successful.


The future of Realan will be better with you!