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Talk about the development of Mini PC

[Date] 2016-4-23 16:59:37   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


     2015 is a year of rapid development of Mini PC, many brand manufacturers have also launched a variety of different types of Mini PC. In 2016, is doomed to be a Mini PC’s free development. Tablet PCs and smart phones and even the rapid development of smart TVs to further reduce people's dependence on traditional PC products, Cheap and exquisite Mini PCs are just good enough to meet the needs of the general consumer. Mini PC as a new thing is still in the stage of development. But, what should Mini PC manufacturer do if they want to achieve better development?


     In my view, the main is to meet user ′ s demand if the Mini PC want to develop better, and the most important is Mini PC’s advantages and performance should also be more suitable for the current user . Compared with the traditional desktop, MiniPC's greatest advantage lies in the energy and volume, small and lightweight body brings more possibilities  At first, Mini PC have more use of the environment than the traditional desktop, and the functions of application are also more abundant.


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      The Mini PC provides us with three typical examples application environment  :  1. Connection to display can be used as a traditional PC monitor; 2. Connection to TV also can be a computer to used as a home office and home smart TV; 3. Connection to a wireless network can be used as a multimedia server terminal. Therefore, the hardware configuration of Mini PC, have more features than traditional PC, such as more selection to display interface and WIFI wireless network card etc...




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     Connected to the display, the Mini PC is really a good desktop computer, we can not only work through it, but also play games. Based on the graphics of Intel series processor even the low configuration Mini PC is cheap ,we also can use it to play the games of LOL and CF. It can be seen that its performance has been able to meet the needs of the user's need.



mini-pc,mini-computer,computer-host,mini pc, Barebone,


      In fact, the Mini PC is not limited to these places of the computer desk and study, and we can put it in the living room and any other occasions. And with Wi-Fi wireless function added, if you can, you can abandon all the cables in addition to the power line and the signal line of display, so it has played a very positive role in our intelligent life, when choosing a PC, users will prefer the Mini PC.


      In a word, the Mini PC wants to develop better, must be considered from the needs of users, at the same time of strengthen product development and research, pay attention to after-sales service, so as to meet the needs of users. Similarly, it does can make an enterprise to be invincible