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A MINI PC,the best gift for our great mother on Mother's Day

[Date] 2016-5-5 14:02:32   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


As time goes by, the Mother's Day is coming soon. In such a special festival, we always hope to bring surprise and touch to our mother, There is nothing more precious on earth, other than the day when she gave birth and brought us up. Mother is the person that we should be thankful most, May you always be young and healthy.


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It is necessary to prepare a gift for our mother on this festival, whether it is valuable or not but with heart. Gifts is just a way to thankful, let them know “you are the queen of my heart”, and nothing is more important than we share the happy things with our parents or cook for them.


A scarf and a bunch of flowers is the common gift for mother, although the mother does not care what you prepared, but I decide to change something original, such as a fashionable and Portable Mini computer.


mother's day,computer,mini pc, mini computer,barebone


Why would I choose a mini computer for mother? Firstly, my mother likes to watch TV series and movie in particular. But it is inconvenient to watch through the television with time limited and massive advertising. However, it is different to use a Mini PC, you can enjoy as long as update on the net. Secondly, another important reason is that I can’t often stay with mother cause the work .now the network is becoming more and more developed, my mother also knew about some basic operations of computer, such as use the Chat tools of QQ and Wechat, I can have video chat with my mother on the Mother's Day by Mini PC, Not only can sent to the distant blessing, but also to talk about the recent situation with her, let her feel more comfort but less worried.


At present, a mini computer is still relatively new products in the computer market, compact and convenient. Whether it is assembly or operation is very simple, the performance is enough for daily use, at the same time ,our mother can also contact the products of new technology


Mother, the greatest woman in the world and be the most important woman in our life, she is always there for us; it is worth for us to cherish her forever.