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Small size, cool experience—talk about the application experience of Mini PC

[Date] 2016-5-27 11:50:32   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


With the rapid development of computer, and continuous improvement of integration of the motherboard, CPU and GPU, Mini host with small volume has been accepted by most people. From the well-known traditional PC to ordinary Mini PC and to small size Mini PC, even the NUC with smaller size, the last three of them we referred to as Mini PC. With the development of technology, the volume of the Mini PC is becoming smaller and smaller, also it has gradually been recognized by many users and provided big convenience to them, and owned great progress   in the market of PC. We believe that the future of Mini PC will be better.


There are so many advantages of Mini PC products. Firstly, it is with small size. The volume of Mini PC is almost the same as set-top boxes, even smaller. And due to the well-designed stylish appearance, it can be as a whole with other equipment in living room; it also can be used easily with the mounting bracket to be fixed at the back of monitor in the study, conveniently like all-in-one.




Secondly, it is the powerful performance of Mini PC. At present, whether Intel Core Graphics or AMD's APU is equipped with good graphics capabilities to meet the daily office and entertainment needs of ordinary users. Furthermore, there are some special interfaces at the back of Mini PC such as HDMI, VGA, audio and so on, which is specific to DIY host. Mini PC with large-screen display can bring better user experience.
In fact, there is another important advantage of Mini PC---energy-saving with ultra low noise. For some users who like download video and large files, when the computers are working in the evening, it will affect others’ sleep, but for Mini PC using low power consumption, this problem does not exist, even in the condition of long time working, Mini PC can still control noise with low decibel. Compared with traditional desktop, Mini PC has lower power consumption and power saving.
The interfaces of Mini PC are relatively complete in the term of play high-definition video, such as HDMI and VGA. Although it only has core graphics, Mini PC also has the ability to play high-definition video. The Mini PC in best processor can smoothly play the video with 4K resolution. In addition, the processor can still maintain CPU usage when playing the video, and it can provide a stable support for other programs to run at the same time. Therefore, Mini PC can completely replace HTPC with a larger volume in play high-definition video.
In the performance of play games, due to Intel's core graphics and AMD APU, we can also use it to play LOL and CF, even the “Blade and Soul” can run smoothly. If a high performance GPU core can be integrated in Mini PC in the future, and the performance of Mini PC can meet most users’ gaming experience, the traditional PC computer to be replaced is not far away.
 Of course, not only confined to the family entertainment, with the small size, powerful performance, mute and energy-saving, the applications of Mini PC can also be used in the office and more fields. We believed that as the Mini PC becomes mature in the PC market gradually, Mini PC will bring more surprises and cool experiences in the future.