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2016 Computex Taipei, Realan’s Mr.NUC again becomes the focus

[Date] 2016-6-2 14:52:24   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    In the 3rd day of Computex Taipei 2016, visitors are crowded in regardless the hot weather. We can see that everyone wants to grasp this opportunity in the annual IT industry festival to explore the trend in the computer industry, and search for future development, to seize opportunities. There are also many high-tech products for visitors to experience the stunning technology products. This year's VR and robot booth is full of tourists, more surprisingly, they also provide product test on spot, which not only reflects the confidence of their product quality, but also allows visitors to direct contact with high-tech products. Also, the industry giants such as Intel, AMD CPU and others provide high-performance products, in that case a next generation CPU comes into the market, provides a robust source of power for computers development.




    As the theme of this exhibition: Construction of the world's science and technology ecosystem, all computer products are based on the development of CPU. Integrated developed from CPU, although the computer industry seems to decrease, in fact is not the case, conversely, the computer industry is now vibrant with prosperous speed, and showed with a new way: a series of wearable products, VR, robots and so on. Not with the external form of general computer, it is further expansion and extension of computer forms. It can be said a newborn. This process is also a symbol of industry segments, and they will become the mainstream of the market, so as to further promote the development of the market. In sharp contrast, the current bottleneck in the computer industry indeed exists in the developmental stage. High power consumption, low utilization, high calorific value, the larger space and without environmental protection are common problems of ordinary computers. When there is a perfect product that could solve the above, we could see the problems.





    Mini-computer products led by Realan Mr.NUC series come to the market, with powerful, small and exquisite appearance, low power consumption, small size, high heat dissipation, environmental protection and energy saving, which can be the perfect solution to the above problems. As a replacement for an ordinary computer, mini-computer will be more stable to the market. Only because the average consumer awareness for these products is not so wide, they have a variety of concerns, so to promote mini pc is quite difficult, but once we accept the idea, a strong market can be created. From market feedback in past two days, we truly feel that the market speak highly of our products, along with the deepening understand, customers pay more attention to the configuration of Mr.NUC. High configuration is of higher interests, and we even refer to the sixth generation Intel CPU. In reply to these questions, we get a new basis for the development, which also indicates that our strategy to transform into a mini computer system is correct. On this basis for the development of the mini-computer, Realan becomes one of the mainstream companies to make further contributions.


    Reanlan and you, tomorrow will be better!