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2016 Computex Taipei, Realan’s Mini PC Highlights in the fair

[Date] 2016-6-3 16:56:21   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    Computex Taipei 2016 is based on the theme “Construction of the world's science and technology ecosystem”, focused on the application of technology, innovation and new business. The science and technology ecosystem, is not just the computer industry, but based on the computer, with the Internet as the core of goods and people, in which goods and articles can carry ecosystems information exchange and communication. The theme of the traditional computer products in the context of a new era, have new forms and the future PC market is very bright. At present, although the Smart Cities is with distance. In fact, currently VR, robots and wearable product can be regarded as a part of the Smart City. While the traditional computer manufacturers in the exhibition introduce a new card and laptop, trying to become the leader of the show to get the market's attention, but it is undeniable that the viewers have more interested in new form and concept products. New, extraordinary and special products become concerns for purchase. So previously unknown in the market mini-computer market unexpectedly become the focus of attention. In the past two days, our Mr.NUC products attracted the attention of people. In this fair, Mr.NUC launched four major product lines: mini pc, mini ITX chassis, mini ITX motherboard and power supply, which provide the market with the primary computer peripherals and complete mini-computer of solutions and services. Mr.NUC with fine, compact, small footprint, low power consumption, is the ideal product, and also an excellent choice for smart city.



    Realan computer based on their 10 years of experience and technology advantages in Mini ITX field, starts from the market demand, develops a series of mini-computers like Mr.NUC, and has the design patents, can be equipped with a variety of Intel NUC motherboard models, and also can be used with our own NUC board, flexible system configuration for different industries, provide customized services for various need. Mini ITX chassis includes aluminum chassis, SECC chassis, and so on, with beautiful and stylish appearance, excellent thermal design, solid materials, professional service, has enjoyed a good reputation in the industry. This exhibition we also bring our representative products, hoping to provide customers with more reliable service. Meanwhile, at the show, also we have our motherboard series, including Mini ITX board (17 * 17CM), Nano board (12 * 12CM) and NUC board (10 * 10CM), with high quality and reliable service to win the trust of our customers.







    In the past two days, foreign colleagues with the greatest hospitality to welcome our friends to visit, both old customers and old friends directly to the site to learn about our new products, negotiate on the new business and open up new markets, but also new visitor with enthusiasm come to know our products, even to experience the speed and performance of our products, then become our fans, of course, fresh and beautiful showgirls of our booth increase the beautiful scenery, match with our mini-computers, strengthen our booth popularity. Foreign team also takes this opportunity to learn computer market development trends, provide the basis for us to develop new markets and to develop new products. Wish for the company's development and make greater contribution.


    With you, the future of Realan will be brighter