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Market segments activate PC market in 2016 Computex Taipei

[Date] 2016-6-4 13:57:53   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    At the opening day of Computex Taipei, the earthquake in Taiwan seems to presage a different year of Computex Taipei. Before opening, ASUS pioneered and take the advantages to launch the conference, also they released ROG series of new products, as well as a host of gaming board including a variety of products, set the tone for the entire computer show. Unlike the past exhibition full of phone, tablet, this year, Computex Taipei proves itself mainly a computer fair. PC manufacturers still lead the development of the market, the traditional PC in the context of a new era still have their own living space.



    But as the exhibition is continuing,style seems to have changed, as the PC processor manufacturers, Intel no longer only concerned with one thing, and it has quietly made adjustments quickly focusing on priority areas force. Intel released intel, AnyWAN, GRX750 and SoC series. On the field of VR, 4K video and games, also introduce related products, such as Acer Predator G1 and HP Omen X, which is the first backpack style VR. As PC giant, BenQ, ECS, MSI, Gigabyte, are also launched their VR gaming products to win the eye. They are trying to match VR with its own brand to seize market opportunities. Similarly, the Qualcomm also issued the latest Snapdargon Wear 1100 platform, as for the giants, which indicates that they have the right to speak. These products standing on the upstream of supply chain, in this Taipei exhibition, are particularly evident.



    VR, as the star of this fair, has attracted the eyes of many vistors. Since it was born, it has won the market's attention. MSI, Zotac, HTC have launched their most advanced VR product, which also has many innovative places, such as backpack-style VR host: could solve huge body limits of the player's space. So players can rest assured immersed in the VR world, do not worry about annoying wires may influence the using. Good user experience certainly won numerous visitors. Of course, since the VR device is in its early stages, there will be a variety of problems to be solved, however, those who can solve the technical problems, it is not a problem, can also be used on the VR products.



    Compared to the immature VR, as an alternative to the traditional PC, mini-computers with mini size, low mute, power, elegant appearance, compact and stylish appearance, once launched, attracted market's attention. Realan computer, based on Intel NUC (Next Unit computing) concept, developed out to be Mr.NUCmini-computer. And at the beginning of the show, it attracted a lot of visitors and had the trail of the mini-computer. Since the components are used in mature products, so the whole system is complete, and market-tested and also gets consumer recognition.



    Computex Taipei is about to close, compared with previous years, this year, the products’ quality and performance has been greatly improved. Product classification is also more sophisticated. Robots, wearable product, mini-computers, VR, etc., segmentation PC market is already inevitable. From the current situation, this trend brings hope, a tendency to let the PC market to regain vitality.