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Warm Congratulations to Realan Successful End at 2016 Computex Taipei

[Date] 2016-6-4 18:29:01   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large


    Computex Taipei 2016 opened as scheduled. In this exhibition, Realan elite team of foreign trade carried Mr.NUC mini-PC series, Mini itx chassis, Mini Itx motherboard and power supply products to here to show. The booth area of Realan is 54 square meters, entirely in white color, supplemented by sky blue, blue and white, which is very clean, elegant and noble. This special hall appearance, matches with Realan’s unusual concept of sticking on the development of Mini ITX. Our booth is located in a prime location next to the main channel, with this geographical advantages, visitors are crowded in and attracted by our products and then come to see more. Besides, the two beautiful fashion showgirls could also add much color.




    In the past few days, Realan foreign team warmly received customers from all over the world. There are many old customers came to visit our booth to learn our new products, discuss new cooperation, and also new customers with great interest to knowr our mini-computer products. Many friends experienced our mini products by operating with computer games, by which they are feeling the outstanding performance, excellent energy-saving, mute, delicate appearance and fantastic colorful light, in line with the energy saving design mini pc. That indicates our awareness of environmental protection, and also the products attracted great interest of many visitors.




    Looking at the whole show, mini pc is not only particularly owned by Realan. Intel, Gigabyte, Asus and other major manufacturers also showed out their mini pc products. They aimed at small computer business opportunities, introduced models of different mini-computer products. However, objectively saying, judging from the appearance and practical use, Realan products are with considerable advantage. However, it is seen as a potential mini-computer segment computer industry, attracting more and more manufacturers to join in, to become a force to influence the market consumer perception. We believe that with them, mini computers will not just be a fashion, but will enter into ordinary family, to become a part in office, HTPC and industrial sectors.




    Through this exhibition, we understand the development of mini-computer, and our understanding about the trend of our current mini-computers, miniaturization is correct. At the same time, our efforts have been full recognized by our customers. They have a more objective understanding of the development of the mini-computer industry. We are confident in the mini-computer industry in this segment, and we will develop in a long term. We will let the mini pc come to every family. Wish our foreign team could make greater distribution for our company based on this fair.