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Mini Computer Market Prospect

[Date] 2016-7-29 15:22:23   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

Thanks to advances in computer technology, nowadays the trend of computer development is towards to maximize, or to minimize. Now the current awareness for mini-computer products is not so familiar. But when once faced to the market, people pay much attention to those advantages as mini, compact, low-to-use, energy consumption, quiet good, small footprint. Its advanced product concepts, unique design and a broad potential market demand, continues to attract manufacturers to enter this field. Intel based on this concept, has introduced their own products -NUC, NUC refers to the next generation of computer (Next Unit Computer), and with some of AMDs BRIX series. Product forms with different features, but its design is based on the 10 * 10CM motherboard, while curing the CPU to the motherboard to sell as barebones, thus customers could customize them, according to their needs, choose different brands and capacities of memory and hard drive to meet many different uses. But their products are more or less some weakness, such as the appearance not very beautiful, the cooling effect is not ideal and other issues.

mini pc, mini pc manufacturer

In 2014, Realan based on its own experiences in MINI ITX computer field and coped with Intel, develop Mr.NUC series mini computers. This series have very exquisite all-aluminum body, and their unique and personalized design and appearance have obtained patents, also with fanless design, small size, and the whole power consumption less than 30W, has great advantages in terms of energy consumption. Meanwhile, Realan has good design for the heat dissipation because it is aluminum material. Become a leader in the field of mini-computer and in the computer shows in Taiwan and the United States CEBIT exhibition, Mr.NUC successfully attracted the attention of many customers, gain good market response.

mini barebone, mini barebone manufacturer

Mini-computer has the following advantages:
1. Beautiful appearance:
Realan use aluminum material for the body, covered with piano paint, very smooth and fine;
2. Small size:
Machine Dimensions: 11.8cm * 11.8cm * 5.15cm, weighs only 0.6KG, easy to carry;
3. Low energy consumption:
Mini-computer CPU can be used in different configurations J1900, I3, I5, I7, etc., using U version of the CPU, this design will help control energy consumption, does not exceed 30W, compared to traditional desktop computers, the power saving effect is very obvious;
4. Multiple interfaces:
From the output, the display interface can support HDMI, VGA and other interfaces, and support for 4K display output (in HDMI mode), greatly expanded the use of the actual needs, and also with USB3.0 interface, audio output interface;
5. WIFI antenna:
As an option, to meet the actual needs of users for network requirements;
6. Muted effect:
Since the mini-computer uses a fanless design so it has a muted effect;
7. High heat dissipation:
For the current mini-computer industry, there are a long and hard problem--heat dissipation, but only when solve the cooling effect, the mini pc could truly realize industrialization. Realan has full experience of chassis design and has excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum material combined with excellent effect duct design, a truly effective solution to the problem of cooling large mini-computer.
8.20% / 80% Theory:
The theory can still apply to the computer, the performance of our current computer actually have a considerable degree of excess, most computers have only used 20% of the performance, the remaining 80% is wasting, but mini-computer can effectively use the performance to a certain extent, while saving energy, it is an ideal choice;
9. Disadvantages:
Admittedly, there is also a mini-computer as inadequate, for example, also need to configure the input devices, output devices in order to become a computer, the use of a certain limitations, though easily portable mini-computer, but display device it is difficult to carry, it is a flawed;

mini barebone, mini barebone manufacturer

Objectively speaking, the current development of the computer industry has reached a bottleneck. There are some reasons: firstly, the rapid development of the computer industry, market demand is saturated; second, due to the reliability of electronic products improved, longer service life, replacement of computer time interval is relatively long; third, in recent years, the economic environment is not very good, led to weak demand for products and so on. However, since the mini-computer itself has low power consumption, as much as traditional computer functions, to a certain extent, to achieve lower production costs, improve productivity effect, while the mini-computer with a compact and lightweight, sleek features, both for fashion people, the influx of people or players, are a good choice. To some extent, the mini computer is not popular. But for a new product, there will be a bud, development, growth, maturity, and improve the process for this segment of the mini-computer industry, will have a brighter future.