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Obsessive- Analysis of Application Prospects of Mini Computer

[Date] 2016-9-30 17:26:37   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

Computer technology is the world's fastest-growing science and technology, product upgrading. At present, the computer is moving in the direction of giant, miniaturization and intelligence. The performance of the computer itself is getting better and better, the application scope is more and more widely. It also makes the computer become the indispensable tool in our work, study and life.

mini pc, mini barebone, motherboard,mainboard

From the beginning of the birth of the computer, CPU is composed of transistors, a computer to use a computer room to load, and later developed into the integrated circuits of the desktop, notebook, one machine and other which body light, easy to carry a variety of computers .The computer from the beginning for the military, science and technology of sophisticated tools into ordinary household goods, thus entering the homes of ordinary people.

It is not a simple tool, but into our ordinary people's lives, like water, electricity and something like we are inseparable. Admittedly, developing to the present, the computer market is facing mobile phones, tablet strong impact, there has been a decline in the development of declining.As a result, some analysts believe that the computer industry will be a sunset industry, will be on the wood, is facing the crisis out of the historical stage of the argument, although this pessimistic remarks is not a mainstream. But the challenge of today, its development will not be smooth sailing.As a whole, the development of the computer is toward the maximization, minimization, intelligent direction. The big one,such as “China's Shenwei Taihu lake light supercomputer”, small, such as mini-computer, computer stick products, which shows that with the development of science and technology, computer development has not stopped, but evolved with the development of the times Each with a form of product type.

mini pc, mini barebone, motherboard,mainboard

At the recent CES computer show and other computer show, the mini-computer as a new product form has played a very important role, some may not see the computer itself, they are embedded in the product itself. Such as VR, 3D glasses, wearable products and others.

mini pc, mini barebone, motherboard,mainboard

As the birth of the mini computer and the development of the individual point of view, from the birth of a stunning, to cause the world's attention to the embarrassment of the development process, in fact, verify a product Of the development cycle theory. Any new product, people tend to over-enthusiasm for new things, but because the thing was born at the beginning of the product has been developed and the corresponding comparison, intentionally or unintentionally enlarge its shortcomings. But for its application prospects can not be real positioning, so as to realize that the things can not change the world in a short time, will quickly lose enthusiasm.

mini pc, mini barebone, motherboard,mainboard

However, the development of things is always a small minority of the application will be most familiar with and accepted, as long as the correct direction to maintain and give some patience, then these new things will gradually change the world. A well-known example is the invention and application of electric lamps. From the beginning only in the laboratory products to a stable home essential products, the middle has gone through a very long process, but to bring the world to achieve a bright design. Similarly, the computer from the traditional desktop to portable notebook, the development process can be said that the computer development process of a good story. From the original is just to solve the portable PC products that customer-oriented needs, to the now smaller and smaller, lighter weight, and the function is more powerful, is the market for product excellence, the pursuit of Perfect concrete embody.


Now, with the development of the traditional computer industry is getting better and better, the market demand is saturated, the durability of the product is increasing, the updating and updating time interval is longer and longer. The computer market decline is reasonable, how to meet the market consumer computer games (desktop) and mobile office (laptop) under the premise of development, to find the next market development opportunities, which is the traditional PC Leaders need to solve the problem, but also the focus of the industry. From the development of the body, the development of the motherboard from the ATM specifications to Micro specifications, Mini ITX specifications, Nano motherboard, has been developed to 10 * 10CM motherboard, miniaturization of the motherboard, the progress of the production process, the integration of electronic circuits, The development of computer mini has a certain material basis. Mini computer also came into being, mini computer in the beginning of the birth, and in the beginning of the birth can be said to be stunning only itself.

mini pc, mini barebone, motherboard,mainboard

Has been concerned about the development of mini-computer Intel, introduced a new era of computer products, NUC (Next Unit Computing), which is focus on the next generation of computer applications. After the big manufacturers such as Gigabyte to follow his footsteps, introduced the same specifications of the mini-computer Brix. Attracted a long silence PC market interest in 2014, Realan subsequently introduced Mr. NUC series of products, inherited Intel's products on the basis of the concept of re-design, chassis materials, interfaces and other aspects of adjustment, compared to similar Products, Realan uses a computer with independent intellectual property rights design, piano paint, good thermal conductivity of aluminum material, one molding technology to effectively avoid electromagnetic radiation problems, the product and NUC is the same strain, Mr.NUC that is Tribute to the meaning of the NUC, but also move from rabbits such as (Mr.Rabbit) mean. Meaning that it runs very fast. From the product's performance, does not live up to expectations, with boot speed, the appearance of fine, aluminum body with piano paint the top cover, smooth and delicate, small size, hand grip, only 0.6KG, can carry Portable, low power consumption, the machine does not exceed 30W, rich interface, both support HDMI, VGA can also support the traditional interface configuration, as well as USB, cable, COM conventional interface available for use, there WIFI antenna select the configuration. At the same time, Realan computer deep technical development advantages, but also provide customized services for customers to further strengthen the contact with customers to grasp the actual needs of the terminal, so as to carry out targeted product development to the fastest speed response to market demand, and achieved good results. Application of the product from a single office can be extended to HTPC equipment, industrial control, and other different applications. As for the industrial controlled industry, the use of more widely, small to the mall everywhere advertising, POS machines, video surveillance, intelligent transportation, digital signage, highways, building advertising, data machine, data processing and so on and so forth , With such a wide range of applications, the advantages are constantly being amplified, and with more mini-computer manufacturers to join, let us have reason to believe that the development of mini-computer from one branch to the development of”a riot of colour, contention of a hundred schools of thought” Development may not be much rapidly, and may be a kind of moisturizing silent way " invasion" to the daily life of mankind.

mini pc, mini barebone, motherboard,mainboard

Only the implementation of this idea, regardless of wind and rain, the development of mini-computer, nothing is impossible!