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Congratulate Realan Mr.NUC series mini pc has been embodied by NUC Ecosystem Catalog

[Date] 2017-6-9 15:21:38   [Author]   [Come From]www.minicase.net   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

Recently, the headquarters of Intel according to the comprehensive planning and arrangement of NUC China market, the needs of mini PC market and combined with Realan computer’s great impressive performance in the mini pc market, decided to set Realan computer‘s Main product Mr.NUC in Intel NUC Ecosystem Catalog to recommend to the market

Mr.NUC, intel NUC, mini pc, mini host, thin host

Mr.NUC is a super mini PC suite which waslaunched by Realan computer and the cooperation partner Intel in October 2014. Mr.NUC built-in Intel original NUC motherboard, combiningthe appearance and structural design by our self-research, it’s a mini pc suite that guiding by the tendency of marketing consumption

Mr.NUC, intel NUC, mini pc, mini host, thin host

When Mr.NUC appear, it was focused by the design concept of energy-saving, mute, delicate appearance, color LED show and resource saving, and by the interpretation which as a mini pc Market Pioneer to the concept of environmental protection.

With the support of Intel, Realan computer research and development such as Mr.NUC-V3, Mr.NUC-V6, Mr.NUC-V7 and the China dream mini pc series. As a domestic mini pc market pioneer, we have gained the market attentionand satisfying effectsince it launched. Because of the promotion and influence of Realan NUCIntel also continue to increase the intensity of cooperation with us.
Focus on the layout of the domestic mini-pc's strategic needs, we reached a consensus of mini-pc’s subsequent R & D and cooperation after communication. Based on Realan computer Mr.NUC series mini pc was embodied by Intel recommendation product catalogue, our strategic partnership must be enhanced. We believe that mini pc market will achieve prefect effect with our further effort.


detail information as bellow:

Intel NUC Ecosystem Enabling Specification