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Mini pc or traditional desktop pc? That’s not a question

[Date] 2017-7-15 17:36:22   [Author]   [Come From]Realan mini pc   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

Before buying a computer,we would think about computer performance and usage requirements. With the development of desktop computer, desktop pc has the advantage of low price but high performance. But on the other hand, traditional desktop pc is inconvenient to carry, power consuming, bulky and noisy. Gradually, traditional desktop pc can’t meet the needs of convenient and practical.

With the development of science and technology, mini pc is becoming popular with target group. Investigating its reasons, there are several advantage of mini pc:

1.Small and portable

Small size is the biggest feature of the mini pc, the volume is only 1/30 of the traditional desktop pc. Recently, the hot-sale mini pc is very small, such as known as the "pocket computer"Realan mini pc Mr.NUC-V6-i5H4300-V3U,is very portable. Of course, there are also smaller pc case on sale, such as computer sticks, the equivalent of a U disk size, but its application is very limited, the development prospects are uncertain. The mini pc host is very convenient to carry, even could put on the pants pocket directly and can be brought to any place, to bring greater convenience to the work and daily life, Now it is developing from small minority、finely differentiated Market to popular on market.

minipc-1,minicase,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,Mr.NUC

2.High performance

For the office computer requirements, besides of the advantages of small size, the performance is important too. Nowadays, the mini pctechnology has matured, for office, entertainment, industrial control and other basic needs, mini pc is more than enough, the netbook can meet the needs of daily office and movies; business pc can meet the needs of stabilizing the low power consumption to obtain longer battery life; home computer can meet the needs of good performance and cost-efficient. Obviously, high configuration mini pc, on the aspect of overall performance is better, could be contrasted with the matured-technology and high-profile traditional desktop pc.

3.Saving energy

In terms of saving energy, the mini pc uses a low-power processor, thermal design power TDP is generally around 10W~17W ,while the traditional desktop pc power consumption is in the average of 100W ~ 150W, this is the 10 times of mini pc’s or even larger, At this point mini pc can be described as a big advantage.

minipc-2,minicase,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,Mr.NUC

4.Quiet and Environmental-friendly

The noise of the traditional desktop pc has seriously affected the experience of computer workers and home life. Compared to the traditional desktop pc, the mini pcadoptCooling design without fan, the machine runs without noise, quiet and environmental-friendly, more easily accepted by the market.

5.High security performance

Although the mini-computer has a strong performance, low power consumption, small size and other advantages, the security performance is also an important part. Mini pc is small, and its motherboard integrated concentratedly, component chipset very compact, therefore, most of the mini pc can run with long-term stably, the whole machine won’t be interrupted or damaged even have the individual hardware compatibility problems. For the traditional desktop pc, it’s easy to encounter the problem of instable and affect the running of whole machine, result from too much hardware quantity.

minipc-3,minicase,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,Mr.NUC

6.HTPC(Home Theater Personal Computer) function

Watching movies at home is a kind of relaxation way that modern families choose. Many families will consider buying htpc home projector. In fact, many mini pc also has this function, high-definition picture quality, perfect smoothly play function, these bring a pleasant enjoyment experience to the users, of course, it can also be used for office projection.

minicase,mini itx case,mini pc barebone,Mr.NUC

Visibly, mini pc is very appropriate for office and home usage. It’s the favor product for company and home users. But the weakness of the mini pc is the problem of graphics card, most of the mini pc use integrated graphics rather than independent graphics card. Of course, playing 4K video is ok, the future of the mini pc performance will have a lot of space to improve.