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The “Mini Time”of office desktop——exquisite and practical Realan Mr.NUC

[Date] 2017-8-26 11:55:05   [Author]   [Come From]   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

When talking of desktop PCs, the impressions in the mind are traditional bulky and power consumption. and this run in opposite to the spirit of simple, stylish and saving energy. With the continuous progress of technology, a variety of components of the integration is also getting higher and higher, changing the PC image in the past becomes possible, a new PC concept comes into the people's vision, that is NUC PC.

——What is NUC

NUC(Next Unit Computing) is an integrated solution designed by Intel, to meet the needs of home or small office use. Currently on the market NUC products are in the ascendant, such as Intel's D34010WYKH, Gigabyte's Brix, Realan Mr.NUC and other NUC mini PCs, these PCs all using Intel original motherboard suite (covering J1900, i3 processor, and i5 processor High-end version), machine performance, scalability is also consistent, but Realan Mr.NUC, in meeting the needs of office and home using, is both strength and cost-effective.

——Does the mini PC NUC can meet the needs of office?

Realan launched a number of mini PC with the main theme of “mini PC”, these PCs are mini, beautiful and stylish, powerful performance brings extraordinary experience to users. For the office PC requirements, of course,are not limited to the advantages of small size, and now the mini PC technology has been matured, in the office, home entertainment, industrial and other basic needs, the mini PC is enough, of course, high configuration of the mini PC, The overall performance can be comparable to the traditional host that with mature technology and high configuration, such as the Realan Mr.NUC, in terms of comprehensive performance is doing very well.

——The performance advantage of NUC

Realan Mr.NUC is using the Intel NUC motherboard, built-in Intel® Core ™ series processors, integrated Intel® Core Graphics HD4400 and other audio, network and other chips, supporting VGA, HDMI and other interfaces, is compatible with the vast majority of the display device. If you choose a large capacity of memory and solid state hard drive, comprehensive performance can be better.

——Realan Mr.NUC-V6—BJ1900V3U

Realan Mr.NUC-V6-BJ1900V3U, is designed simple and clean, the appearance is exquisite, with the extraordinary performance, creating a compact and efficient office experience to the users.

Mr.NUC-V6—BJ1900V3U, Realan mini pc, mini case, aluminum case, mini power board

Mr.NUC-V6—BJ1900V3U, Realan mini pc, mini case, aluminum case, mini power board

Realan Mr.NUC-V6-BJ1900V3U,Small body contains a big talent, smooth and easy to release office space, fully meet the needs of the office, home, industrial control and other applications of different scenes.

——Chinese Valentine's Day——Realan mini case is on sale

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Realan Mr.NUC-V6-BJ1900V3U,case’s cover can be customized the exclusive image.

Mr.NUC-V6—BJ1900V3U, Realan mini pc, mini case, aluminum case, mini power board