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The future market battle——pc miniaturization is the trend

[Date] 2017-10-30 14:18:41   [Author]   [Come From]realan   REALAN   Font Size:Small Medium Large

1st.Has the desktop pc become a history?


With the opening of the Internet Age, people’s buying enthusiasm of the PC is as the year's video recorders, color TV, that is the most brilliant desktop PC years, according to the related data show that in 2004 China's desktop PC market sales reached 1157.7 Million, an increase of 6.9% over 2003. In 2004 China's desktop PC market sales reached 62.42 billion yuan, an increase of 3.4% over 2003.


With the instant expansion of PC market, PC manufacturers found the business opportunity, put down the hands of the future planning, Try their best to increase production capacity, which was clearly foreshadowed the of desktop PC. The entire IT industry followed the big step of Internet development, it is not expected that the development of technology impact on the traditional form of the terminal. After nearly three years of glory period, in 2007, a completely abandoned the physical keyboard, using touch screen product was vacated, this product was the originator of smart phones iPhone.


The emergence of Apple mobile phone brought a strong impact to the traditional desktop PC, because people found another form of access to the Internet terminal, the most tragic thing was the outbreak of the global financial crisis, for those PC industries which was relying on the flow of funds to survive, It could be described as entering into the winter.


For investors, the future is clearly the focus of their attention, the unsmooth of capital market investment caused by financial crisis dropped the desktop PC market development to the second industry downturn over these 20 years.


In 2009, when the darkness of the financial crisis gradually spread, the traditional desktop PC got ready to develop again, but desktop PC’s  functions were covered by the innovation of mobile phone, desktop PC did not break through the traditional bottleneck. Since then, the notebook PC has become the protagonist of the PC markets , Many people thought that desktop PC has become a history.


2nd.Analysis on the Demand of PC Market


In fact, the traditional desktop PC still have a high demand, although not more than a decade ago, the glorious era, desktop PC needs a turning point opportunity.


Obviously, the laptop is now the most popular PC, but if you carefully observe you will find that everyone in the working environment are more willing to use desktop equipment. objectively speaking, there are lots of large size notebook products, full HD, 3K, 4K screen products, why so many people choose to connect pc to an external monitor and using desktop pc?


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If you have used both of desktop pc and notebook in the work, you must be more inclined to the desktop pc, even the top flagship product of the laptop, the largest screen size is not more than 18 inches. And the a 27-inch display would cost eight hundred or one thousand, in this price, the desktop pcs are getting the upper hand.


Of course, the laptop is just the best partner for travel and business trip, but for the work environment, desktop pc is still the main stream, and large-screen PC device becomes a contrast between all-in-one desktop and desktop PC, which has more advantages? Obviously, desktop pc has better performance and the price is lower, and all-in-one PC is saving space but the price is slightly higher, performance can not compete with the desktop.


3rd.The future market battle –What’s the potential of desktop PC?


For the future market battle, we should focus on the evolution of desktop pc, why? First of all, desktop pc has a huge crowd base, if seize the time and opportunity, it’s possible to turn the tide.Secondly, all-in-one PC's mass base is too weak, over the years only Apple company struggling to support the market spreading, other manufacturers are simply not often to launch a new product, this market is clearly unable to attract the user's eye. The most critical point is that the outbreak of the concept of VR, so that the public rekindle the desire for high-performance PC, after all, all-in-one PC after has limited space, which indirectly became the catalyst of the rebuild of desktop PC market.


4th.The new direction of the PC market - miniaturization


From the beginning to the present, why the hardware manufacturing process of PC products are shrinking constantly? Why manufacturers are always in the pursuit of lighter, more portable design? Why are users less interested in bloated and complicated products? Mainly because both the PC product itself, or manufacturers, users, are in the pursuit of PC product’s miniaturization, although small desktop PC develop slowly, but it is the future direction of the development of the entire PC industry, if you want to grasp the future market, obviously, the miniaturization is the only way .


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In fact, when the traditional PC industry is highly saturated, the entire PC industry sales decline, the small PC market has a great potential for development. And nowadays the hardware performance is not the before HTPC products, many manufacturers have launched a small chassis desktop equipment, not only durable, the appearance is also very fashion. For example, the Realan computer Company, specializing in mini PC research and development for more than 10 years, working hard on mini pc development and launched many high quality mini pc products, with brand influence and excellent mini pc products, Realan mini pc become a mark of the pc industry.
For example, Realan T3-i7-4500U mini pc case, built-in Intel Core i7-4500 Dual Core 1.8G, the highest to 3.0G, the largest support 16G of memory, the appearance is fashion, this is indeed the future direction of the development of desktop host.


The pc performance is no longer a problem today, the problem should be solved are these: the first one is the mini pc appearance design should attract the users, it is very important to establish the first image. The second one is the price, besides good performance, affordable price is important too, these can help to open the market, making the users to realize that mini PC products can meet their demands of the PC. Superior manufacturers (such as Realan mini pc manufacturer) should launch products with good quality, expand the size of the market, enlarge the influence, provide a new direction of pc market development.