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The Development of Mini PC Market

With more than the years of experiences in the field of Mini ITX, Realan computer company aware of the vast space of the mini pc in the future development. By the case design advantages, Realan cooperated with Intel and launched Mr.NUC series of min...

The “Mini Time”of office desktop——exquisite and practical Realan Mr.NUC

When talking of desktop PCs, the impressions in the mind are traditional bulky and power consumption. and this run in opposite to the spirit of simple, stylish and saving energy. With the continuous progress of technology, a variety of components of ...

Small size, cool experience—talk about the application experience of Mini PC

With the development of technology, the volume of the Mini PC is becoming smaller and smaller, also it has gradually been recognized by many users and provided big convenience to them

A MINI PC,the best gift for our great mother on Mother's Day

As time goes by, the Mothers Day is coming soon. In such a special festival, we always hope to bring surprise and touch to our mother.

Talk about the development of Mini PC

2015 is a year of rapid development of Mini PC; many brand manufacturers have also launched a variety of different types of Mini PC. In 2016, is doomed to be a Mini PC’s free development.

The market advantage of minicomputer host

With the development of science and technology, the personal computer is getting smaller and smaller. After decades of evolution, the trend of the form is present persification.

Summer new arrival mini Barebone PC system T3-J1900T1

The summer is coming, the heat dissipation problems of computer host have become increasingly prominent, especially industrial control PC, Mini PC, and so higher design requirements are needed! At this time, Mini PC host T3-J1900 comes to the market....

W-Series Aluminum Mini ITX Cases Are Launched

W-series aluminum ITX cases are launched in 2015 spring, which include model E-44 E-W60 E-W80 E-W80S E-W150 currently.

E-D5S Unpacking Experience – All Aluminum Case With 4 USB Ports On The Top

E-D5S features: high heat dissipation aluminum panels, support Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX M/B, support ATX PSU and video card, double USB3.0, double USB2.0, double SD card port for data transmission.

Treasure life, chase mini dreams! Realan Xiamen travelling notes

The sky of June was full of smell of love. The gentle sunshine was creating the myth of love and the shade kept giving coolness just like a stream of love was flowing in the heart. When June comes, please embrace life enthusiastically and mini dreams...

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